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Tricolor Velvet Plum Ombre Sparkle (1-45y)

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Introducing our Tricolor Velvet Plum Ombre Sparkle AA medallion, a symbol of serenity and recovery. The crystallized ombre effect beautifully symbolizes the transformative journey of recovery. The medallion features the three legacies triangle design adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals, radiating timeless sophistication. On the back side, you'll find the revered Serenity Prayer, serving as a steadfast reminder of hope and perseverance on the path to recovery. Available in a range of years from 1 through 45, this medallion boasts a patented crystallized design, meticulously handcrafted by individuals in recovery, ensuring each piece is unique and cherished. Experience the beauty of this exquisite AA medallion, symbolizing the journey of resilience and growth.


  • Medallion Color: Purple
  • Crystal Color: Amethyst Ombre
  • Design: Three Legacies Triangle
  • Genuine Swarovski Crystals: Yes
  • Back Side: Serenity Prayer
  • Available Years: 1 through 45
  • Patented Crystallized Design: Yes
  • Handmade by Individuals in Recovery