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The Silver Lining Coin Holder Necklace - Keep Your Sobriety Coin Close With a Sterling Silver Rope Style Medallion Holder for AA Chips

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The Silver Lining Coin Holder Necklace is the perfect way to celebrate and commemorate your recovery journey. Its sophisticated rope-style sterling silver medallion holder is designed to fit both AA and NA coins, making it an ideal way to carry your token of streangth for any occasion. The pendant is expertly crafted with a hand-finished and high-polished finish, giving it a sleek and elegant look.

Designed by Jonathan Friedman and handmade in Los Angeles, CA, this piece is a reflection of his passion for celebrating recovery.

Hold your latest milestone in your recovery journey close to your heart. 

Measuring 1-9/16" (40mm) wide by 2-3/16" (51mm) tall with a bail, this pendant is hand-finished and high-polished for a sleek and elegant look.