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Tricolor Jet Black Night Bloom Sparkle (1-50y)


Introducing our Tricolor Jet Black Night Bloom Sparkle (1-50y) AA coin, an elegant masterpiece of enameled tri-color design in gold, black and white, adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals in the original Bloom design. The back carries the inspiring Serenity Prayer. Choose from years 1 to 50 to celebrate your date with a very special AA coin. A perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones, carrying the beauty of the sober life.


  • Medallion Color: Black
  • Crystal Color: Black
  • Design: Bloom
  • Genuine Swarovski Crystals: Yes
  • Back Side: Serenity Prayer
  • Available Years: 1 through 50
  • Patented Crystallized Design: Yes
  • Handmade by Individuals in Recovery