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The 18 Month Chip in AA: Myth or Reality?

The 18 Month Chip in AA: Myth or Reality?

The 18 Month Chip in AA: Myth or Reality?

It's an exciting day for you, as you sit in the crowded room surrounded by your fellow AA members. You're nearing the 18-month milestone in your sobriety journey, and rumors have circulated that you'll receive an 18-month chip. However, you've also heard whispers questioning the existence of this chip. So, is the 18-month chip in AA a myth or a reality? Let's dive into this topic, shall we?

Firstly, let's clarify what we mean by a chip in AA. It's a small, round coin that serves as a physical representation of your time spent sober. The chips come in various colors, each representing a different milestone in sobriety. Traditionally, 24 hours, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year coins were given.

However, there is some confusion surrounding the 18-month chip. Unlike the other coins, for a long while, no official 18-month chip existed in the Alcoholics Anonymous program. So, why do people associate this milestone with a chip? The truth is that some local AA groups created their own 18-month chip to celebrate members' achievements. Today, it is considered an officially recognized chip in AA.


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It's important to recognize the 18-month milestone in your sobriety journey. It's a significant achievement and deserves to be celebrated. Many local groups have come up with creative ways to commemorate the occasion, such as offering a special AA meeting or presenting a unique token, like a keychain, necklace, or medallion.

That being said, it's essential to remember that material rewards aren't the most important aspect of the AA program. The real reward is the gift of sobriety, the ability to rebuild relationships, regain self-respect, and discover the joys of life without the influence of alcohol. For those who may be fixated on earning a specific chip, it's important to remember that the chips are simply symbols of progress.

In conclusion, while an official 18-month chip didn't exist in the AA program, groups eventually made it so. Finally, the main focus of AA is not to collect chips but to build relationships, gain support, and achieve sobriety. The real reward is the chance to live a fulfilling and sober life! 

Achieving 18 months of sobriety is a significant achievement for any AA member. Still, it's essential to remember that the material rewards should take a back seat to the significant accomplishments of sobriety. Whether one has obtained an 18-month chip or not, the ultimate goal of the AA program is to stay sober and lead a healthy and fulfilling life free of the influence of alcohol.


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