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What to Do With Your AA Chips?

What to Do With Your AA Chips?

What to Do With Your AA Chips?

The First Meeting

For many of us, being a newcomer in our very first meeting is an unforgettable experience. Collecting that keychain or 24-hour chip can be both inspiring and daunting; it signals the start of a new journey for change – but also sets into motion an obligation to stay sober no matter what happens.

In Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, tokens, coins, or “chips” are given at meetings to those who have achieved different levels of sobriety. It is a tangible reminder of the diligence and dedication that has been done and the commitment one has put into their recovery journey. But once you reach a milestone, what should you do with your AA chips? Let's explore some ideas for how to use these tokens as reminders and inspiration on your road to sobriety.

Put Them on Display

Your AA chips represent your accomplishments and all the hard work you've put in to achieve them. And while they are often kept tucked away in your keychain or wallet, there's no reason why you can't display them proudly in your home! Consider using them as decor such as placing them on a shelf or mantelpiece, or even framing your chip collection and displaying it on your wall. This will serve as a daily reminder of all that you’ve achieved so far, and keep you motivated to continue on this path.

Share Them with Others

There is an incredibly powerful bond that can be forged between recovered addicts and alcoholics when one passes on their chip to another. It's a sign of faith, trust, and encouragement from someone who has been through the same trials they are now facing; it makes tangible all those intangible values needed for success in recovery. The passing of this single token symbolizes hope, strength - even magic - as person after person rises above addiction with help from others' unwavering belief in them.

Your Chip Can Help You Pull Through When Life Gets Rough

Life is a journey, and it's not always going to be smooth sailing. It's easy to lose sight of how far you've come, especially when life gets tough. One way to stay motivated is by using your AA chip at tough times. Your latest chip can serve as a tangible reminder of your progress and hard work. 

Try to anticipate situations that might trigger you and keep your chip with you. Oldtimers suggest putting the chip in your mouth (under your tongue!) when you feel like drinking but simply squeezing it as tight as you can until it leaves an imprint on your palm can serve the same purpose. When you get home safely from such an event, take time to hold your chips and reflect on what each one represents. Visualize the milestones you've reached and those that are still ahead.

Concluding Thoughts: Putting It All Together

As we sum up the importance of AA chips in recovery, it’s critical to keep in mind that these chips are one tool of many towards healing. If you’ve been in recovery for a while or are just beginning, don’t only rely on your sober chip to remain abstinent—continue to build on other strategies and support systems that will help you stay healthy and strong. Together with the Steps, attending regular meetings and therapy sessions, working with a sponsor through the Big Book, being mindful of triggers and cravings, and having hobbies and passions outside of sobriety—these pieces combined create an effective puzzle for success. AA chips can serve as an important piece when creating this puzzle but are not enough in themselves and should be accompanied by other aspects to ensure proper growth and maintenance. That said, may each chip you receive or give out be a sign of pride and commitment to continuing forward on your path!

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